Mary Saran

The old dualistic world-concept which envisaged the ego in opposition to the universe is rapidly losing ground. In its place is rising the idea of a universal unity in which all opposing forces exist in a state of absolute balance - Walter Gropius’s  “ The Theory and Organization of the Bauhaus.”

As Buddha found importance in the interconnectedness of all things, Mary´s work strives to connect personal emotions and philosophy creating a balance that stems from that interconnectedness, that lack of absolutes.

These colorful organic universes are created and resemble astronomical clusters of mass or craters, the way matter accretes in space. The goal is to have her viewer share a glimpse into these magical free flowing and yet structured compositions that become trapped on the canvas.

On another level, Mary´s work is meant to distract from the information age and return focus to more universal questions: life, death, existence and everything in-between.

The code to the cosmos is hiding in the light. Every human eye has such an exclusive and small range of visible light when compared to the electromagnetic spectrum and the universe.This subject is evident in her work and comes across as visually stimulating, a spiraling aura.

Mary Saran´s portfolio also explores the most basic elements of deconstructed geometric shapes, creating swirls through the blending of colors, across mediums and dimensions. Each painting creates an abstract universe by melting time and space through color theory and texture. She wants to present a reality beyond space, beyond time, beyond words.

Currently, she is beginning to analyze the evolving sculptural aspects of her work.Her plans are to remove the color clusters from the caged canvas and experiment with various mediums and approaches. Leading to a deeper immersion into her multi-dimensional creations, while beguiling her audience to share this obsession.

Mary J. Saran is currently a student at the School of Art Institute Chicago (SAIC) pursuing a master’s degree in art and art education. She received a bachelor's degree in art and design and minored in art history at Columbia College, Chicago.

Saran has had the privilege of working with professor Michiko Itatani in class at SAIC while preparing for this exhibition. She founded her own company Mary Saran Fine Art, LLC in 2014 for art sales and commissioned paintings for offices and homes. Her post-graduate plans include opening her own gallery space to help build the Chicago art scene and community. Saran has held teacher assistant positions while in school at SAIC and continues to exhibit art nationally. 

Check Mary Saran´s upcoming exhibition ´Escape Earth`at Amos Eno Gallery. 

The opening reception will be held on Friday, June 2nd from 6 - 9 PM at 56 Bogart Street in Brooklyn, NY, directly across from the Morgan Ave L train stop.




July 2015  - Let me know if you want a copy! 


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Dacia Logo 2013
2. Conversations  2  George Goodridge  acrylic on resin soaked stretch canvas  12h x 30w x 9d   3200


January 21-31, 2015

Opening Reception 
Thursday, January 22, 6:00-9:00pm

Featured Artists 
Guillermo Barreto, Marco Beria, George Goodridge, Rebecca Kane, David Paul Kay, Alexandra Momin, Renee Philips, Rafael Santiago, Mary Saran and Leslie Wagner.

Meet the Artists at Opening Reception 
Artist Talk @ 7:30pm

For more information please visit our website at: 

Location: Dacia Gallery 
53 Stanton St. 
New York, NY 10002

Directions: F Train – Take the F train to the 2nd Avenue stop, walk east on Houston St. Make a right on Chrystie St. and continue south on Chrystie St. for one block to Stanton St. Make a left on Stanton St. passing through Sara D. Roosevelt Park, cross over Forsyth St. Dacia Gallery is located on the right side.


Rainbow Sleeves  Rebecca Kane  Acrylic on Canvas  36x48   800
Biogenesis 48x36 AcrylicMixedMedia 2600 ReneePhillips
dacia - The Dot
Metallica  Marco Beria  Acrylic on Canvas  26 x 54   1 500
Aqua Enso  Leslie Wagner  oil on wood  18 x 18   2000
Mary Saran Image 3
Tushita Heaven  Leslie Wagner  oil on wood  16 x 16   1800
Wasted Love  Rafael Santiago  Mixed Media  20x21   2500
Untitled Landscape  1  Alexandra Momin  Pigment ink on aluminum dibond  25 x12.7    1800