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C.C.'s Art Garage and Gallery is proud to be a 2018 partner with EXPO CHICAGO as a featured gallery during Art After Hours and the weekend of September 28th. 

C.C.ʼs Art Garage & Gallery presents S.O.S - Show of Shows opening Friday, September 28th from 6-9PM. This local Chicago group exhibition displays over 30 artists, displaying new works from shows over the past two years of the location opening. Former auto body shop, the garage gallery is a chance to explore the Bridgeport art scene. The local art fair tribute to EXPO features the following 10 main art groups & individuals as well as numerous other artists:

Christie Chew-Wallace
Elephant Room Gallery
Frederick Henderson
Mary J. Saran Fine Art
S.H.E. Gallery 
Willie Burton 
Zsófia Ötvös

- Food and Beverages Available while supplies last -

Live Music:
6:30 PM - David Coyne 
New Album: Chicago Still Dreams
7:00 PM - E.X.

Weekend Schedule: 
Friday, September 28th 6-9PM Opening 
Saturday, September 29th 12-5PM Gallery Hours
Sunday, September 30th 12-4PM Gallery Hours 
2PM Artist Talk & Workshop.

Owner: Christie Chew - Wallace

Curated by: Mary J. Saran

Advertising & Marketing: Joe Campos 

Space Info:

Opening Reception: Friday 02/16/18 6-9PM

Reception Invite:

Open Gallery Hours: Saturday & Sunday 02/17-2/18 12-6PM

Collaboration Workshop: Sunday 02/18  2-4PM  Donuts & Coffee RSVP

Workshop Invite:

Please join us on February 16th 2018 from 6-9PM for the opening reception of Emerging Artists: Collaborative Collisions. This mixed media group salon style show takes place at C.C.'s Art Garage and Gallery in Bridgeport. The show is curated by artist and educator Mary J. Saran as an exploration and research for her SAIC thesis project in the Masters in Art & Art Education department. What happens when an artist or creative gives up some of their individual ego? When they explore collaboration in order to further their careers in new inspiring directions?

Collaboration is a powerful and often an underutilized tool for developing as an artist. The goal of the exhibition is to bring local artists and creatives together in order to break down the boundaries between different artistic approaches, styles, and mediums. Collaboration can be interpreted in many different ways; from two artists with similar styles creating together, to mentorship, to inspiration. Some artists collaborate for emotional reasons, others for inspiration, and sometimes it takes more than one person's skill set to complete a project. Whether it's one or several of these concepts. Great minds have always come together to create, expand knowledge and discover fruitful collisions of practice.

Artists and collectives featured include: Qais Assali Claire Bartlett Lindsey Bell Yesenia Bello Virginia Broersma Benjamin F Calvert III Madeleine Finley Brian Garbrecht Michelle Graves Jessica Gregory David Heo Oscar Joyo Paul Kenneth Jonathan Korotko Nataliya Kotlova Alice Kricheli Kayla Mahaffey Lara Mann Matamba Solomon Salim Moore Nicholas Nadja Frederick Nitsch Jisu Oh Mother Art: Revisited Sarah H. Reynolds Mary J. Saran Vince Schrader Mary Sheehan James T. Sturnfield Rebecca Tanda Devon Thompson Elliot Urban Alex Valinsky Katie Wood Celina Wu Cherrie Yu Or Zubalsky.

Special thanks to my exhibition collaborators, friends, family, and professors could not have done this without you. This show was made free for artists to apply. If you would like to donate towards this show or future shows please do so via Venmo or Paypal to Thank you!

Opening Night! 

Katie Wood & Cherrie Yu
Home #1- Sisters, Performance 15 min.  

Exhibition Shots 

Yesenia Bello & Nataliya Kotlova
Quilted Wall Work (#1), 2018, Mixed media installation
(Right) Michelle Graves & Frederick Nitsch
Black Hole (Some Things Don’t Last), 2018, Framed Laser Cut Paper with Acrylic Paint, 5x10 in.
Nebula (You Were Once At Home Here), 2018, Framed Laser Cut Paper with Acrylic Paint, 10x10 in.
White Dwarf Collision (Free/Unfree), 2018, Framed Laser Cut Paper with Acrylic Paint, 5x10 in.
(Left) Mary J. Saran & Frederick Nitsch
Hubble Transmitted Landscape #1, #2, #3, 2018, Mixed media on board, framed 11x14 in.
Claire Bartlett & Mary J. Saran
The Unknown Paradigms of Paradise, 2018
Mixed media on canvas 36 x 36 in.
 (Right) James T Sturnfield & Kayla Mahaffey
Captive, 2016 Acrylic and spray paint 23 ⅓ x 46 3/6 in. 
(Left) Oscar Joyo & James T. Sturnfield
Contained, 2018 Acrylic and spray paint 22 ⅓ x 23 in. 
(Bottom Left) Mary Saran & Devon Thompson
White Crater & High Femme #1, 2017, Signed print, Framed 24 x 24 in.
(Middle) Devon Thompson & Mary Saran
Alienating Worlds, 2018, Mixed media on canvas 12 x 24 in.
(Right) Mary J. Saran & Elliott Urban
Glitter Volcano Machine, 2018, Mixed media on canvas, 6x6 in.
Trapped Pods, 2017, Framed Drawing, 5x7 in.
Midnight Trajectories, 2018, Acrylic and metal leaf on canvas, 6x6 in.
David Heo & Solomon Salim Moore
Untitled (White Hare Study), 2017 Collage on Paper. 9 x 12 in. 
David Heo & Solomon Salim Moore
The White Hare of Howden, 2017 Oil On Canvas. 68 x 72 in.
Home for us, 2018 Installation
Nicholas Nadja & Jessie Gregory
Jessie’s Dream, 2018, Oil on canvas
with hand-crafted stretchers 31 x 31 in.
Virginia Broersma & Benjamin F Calvert III
Interlacing Chords, Relief on wood block & oil paint, 24 x 14 in. edition of 8
Lara Mann & Paul Kenneth
Lady in Waiting, 2013, Acrylic paint and silverpoint on wood panel, 18x18 in.
Lara Mann & Paul Kenneth
Renard in Knots, 2016, Fabric applique sewn on fabric quilt, 72x80 in.
Mary Sheehan & Brian Garbrecht
(Top) Enlight, Digital print scanned 35mm film and ripped Polaroid, 16 x 20 in.
(Bottom) Mask, Digital print scanned 35mm film and ripped Polaroid, 16 x 20 in.
(Left to Right) Alex Valinsky - Collaboration With Models 
Wray on Calyer, Print 11 x 14 in.
Wray on 113, Print 11 x 14 in.
Wray on Wilson, Print 11 x 14 in.
Ern on Transmitter, Print 11 x 14 in.
Ern on Kent, Print 11 x 14 in.
Lindsey Bell & Celina Wu
Disposable Photo Project, 2017-2018
(27) 4x6 in. photos mounted to a 48" x 30" in. wood board
(Right) Sarah H. Reynolds & Madeleine Finley
Huddled, 2018, ink, concrete, and acrylic 51 x 74 in.
(Left) Alice Kricheli (Collaboration with professor Jelena Berenc) 
Dressing, 2016, Charcoal, gesso, watercolor on stretched paper 36 x 56 in.Mother Art: Revisited - Interruptions, 2018 Installation, 2 min sound clip 
Marjorie Boyles
Laura Drey
Margarita Fainshtein
Patricia Rain Gianneschi
Beth Iska
Monica Kelsie
Jenny Keyser
Susan Krueger-Barber
Jessica Mueller
Kris Schaedig
Erin Schalk
Galina Shevchenko
Marika Whitaker

Jonathan Korotko & Rebecca Tanda
Play Toys, 2018, Cording, hair, sequin, embroidery, lace, ostrich feathers,
pearl beads, 30 x 20 x 17 in.
Rebecca Tanda & Jonathan Korotko
Clearing Customs, 2018, wax on glass panes, steel,
projected video loop, 30 x 15 x 27 in.
Rebecca Tanda & Jonathan Korotko
Close up - Video Still  
Qais Assali & Or Zubalsky
Teach me to play 1948, 2018 sound piece 17:34 min
Vince Schrader & Mary J. Saran
Intersecting Galaxies and Dying Stars, Mixed media on wood with LED’s, 24 x 24 in.