I currently have three portfolios: Echo Chambers (Digital), Escape Earth (Mixed Media), and Circle Continuum (Painting). My artist statement is therefore broken into three statements dependent upon the portfolio. The documented work overall currently spans from 2011-2020.

Echo Chambers (Digital):
We glue our eyes to our gadgets, bombarded, over-stimulated, worn-down, our fingers always moving, more and more out of touch. We forget, we are always forgetting. Do you even remember the last time you walked around without your leash? We go day by day seeking that instant high from digital likes, false interactions. As our flesh decomposes, as we poison our world, what do we gain? We continue feeling disjointed, disconnected and more dead inside. By increasing our digital reality this has created echo chambers that distort perspectives making us look for witches to burn. My work strives to create its own echo chamber, but a beautiful one that embraces transcendence. We lack physical momentum, ignoring our body and minds and continue feeding our AI addictions. We are slipping, constantly surveilled, we have lost control of ourselves.

Escape Earth (Mixed Media):
The exploration of art, science, and astronomy through mixed media, breaking the boundaries between painting and sculpture. Posing questions of the known scientific universe that is intertwined with the human perception of space, time, and the beyond. As NASA discovers new planets capable of harboring life. Imagine these unknown planets and parts of space that we are just now beginning to understand. Those galaxies and other phenomena that we have yet to discover. As our planet struggles with global warming, the concept of extinction lingers as many choose to ignore the data. The work abstracts and investigates crystals, minerals along with the search for alien life and dreams of efficient space travel and the colonization of new worlds.

Circle Continuum (Painting):
One day I started painting circles. Then I kept painting circles. The circles became swirls, the swirls became mounds, the mounds became landscapes, and those landscapes became worlds. Now my work exists between painting and sculpture, pushing the boundaries of mixed media. As my work evolved it took on a life of its own, each painting became a universe unto itself, beyond language, beyond time, beyond the limitations of our planet and the logic of its biology. I want to show the viewer another perspective. Much of my work is designed so that it is difficult to remain focused on one single aspect, one single brush stroke. Like the mind that created them, my paintings are all over the place all at once. My work attempts to approach something like totality, incomprehensibility, something foreign and at the same time familiar.